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Reflections of the Son is an
intense book of poetry about
Jesus, God, and the Bible. Many
of them tell a story of Jesus'
powerful and magnificent ways.
Others of the touching effects
He has within each person and
how He so deeply touches lives.
Mostly rhyming. Available at
Rhythms of Love is a stirring
collection of love poems about
God, family, friends, lovers and
others. Soothing, heart-rending,
warm words for you or someone
else in your life. Poems are
based on real-life experiences.
Find yourself or someone else in
this book. Mostly rhyming.
Available at
Halloween: Hallowed or Heinous?
answers many questions about
the controversial issues
surrounding Halloween. Much of
the controversy is caused by
confusion about the holiday. Some
say it is Christian  while others
say Satan holds a claim to it. Find
the answers to your questions in
this apologetic that compares the
traditions with God's Word on the
subject. Available at
Smashwords.com. $.99. Also
available in print.
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print version.
The Light in the Valley is a true
story of a courageous lady
battling with ALS (Lou Gehrig's
Disease). Her struggles and
triumphs in this upbeat story will
lift your spirits, make you laugh
and make you cry. Grow to love
Miss Mary as you see her brave
approach to life as she ministers
to others, volunteers and speaks
about God and His love and
goodness. Available at
Smashwords.com $3.99.
Also available in print.
Click here
for print version.
God's Glorious Symphony is an
expose' on God and Nature. See
the interaction between animals
and their surroundings and how
they communicate with each
other and God.  Wind, trees, birds
chirping, rabbits munching grass
and squirrels crunching nuts and
hopping from tree to tree have a
connection to God and His
orchestration of everything. It all
comes together like a beautiful
symphony with God as the grand
conductor. Available at
Smashwords.com. Free
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GhiAna's Jewels is a fictional
story written in a very subtle C.S.
Lewis style. A young wife and
mother is taken back in time to
the very first Christmas to learn  
the truth of Christmas and the
reason we celebrate the
momentous event of Jesus' birth.
GhiAna doesn't throw Santa out,
but does learn to include Jesus in
her Christmas traditions. Great
story to enjoy with the family
around the fireplace on
Christmas Eve. Available at
Smashwords.com. $.99
KaleidoSouls: Mirrors of the LIght
is poetry about God and who we
are in Him.
KaleidoSouls contains
the poems in
Reflections of the
and Rhythms of Love plus
some new poems. The Bonus
Section contains
God's Glorious
. We are like
kaleidoscopes with the Light of
Jesus shining in us to reflect His
image. Thus, the title
KaleidoSouls: Mirrors of the
. Available at BN.com and
Amazon.com. 130 pages. $3.99
is available
and Mobi
formats only.