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By Patricia Norman Rachal As Told By Mary Boyter

A true story of a lady who has miraculously lived a productive life although the victim
of a debilitating disease. Mary Boyter was diagnosed 20 years ago with ALS (Lou
Gehrig's Disease). In spite of the grim diagnosis, she told her doctor "it will be alright"
and went from his office to the prayer warriors at her church. From that point her
doctors and all those around her began to see miraculous changes as she continued
to work and minister to others. $10.95 + 2.00 S/H. Easy to purchase with PayPal. Also
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Although cover of eBook is different content in its entirety is the same.

By Patricia Norman Rachal

Apologetic style book about the traditions of Halloween. To celebrate, or not to
celebrate? That is the question in Christian circles today. Whose holiday is it? Some
say Satan's while others say Christians'. History, origin and traditions are elucidated in
this detailed book. Traditions are compared to Scripture. Find your answers in
Halloween: Hallowed or Heinous? Priced at $6.50 + 1.50 S/H. Easy to purchase with
PayPal. Also available as an
Although cover of eBook is different content in its entirety is the same.
$  2.00 S/H
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Hallowed or Heinous?
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by Patricia Norman Rachal

Poems about God and who we are in Him. We are much like a kaleidoscope that reflects
images from the light shining into it.  When we look into this fascinating, device through the
small hole in one end, light enters the other end through translucent glass or plastic
reflecting off the mirrors inside the tube. The light reflects back and forth between the
mirrors before it reaches the eye. Depending on the design of the kaleidoscope it will
reflect back to the eye multiple, symmetrical images of objects inside or outside the lighted
end of the tube. Beads, other objects or a mixture of oil and water is contained between
two discs. As the tube rotates these things tumble around inside creating different patterns
seen through the eyepiece. The light makes it possible. What a wonderful illustration of
how the Light of Jesus changes us. When His light reflects off the many facets of our
personalities (the mirrors inside us) we become like kaleidoscopes; we are
His Light enters our souls and He sees an ever-changing series of patterns in us. These
changing patterns will bring us to that point when we are with and like Him. At times these
patterns are visible to others. The beauty of His reflective Light shining in us then reflects
His character back onto others who see us, or vice versa. Without His Light reflecting onto
the mirrors of our souls, all those things within us are meaningless at best. But often they
become a jumbled mess until His Light makes something beautiful within us.
contains all the poems in Reflections of the Son and Rhythms of Love plus a few new ones.
It also has
God's Glorious Symphony as a bonus section. KaleidoSouls is available at,, (where you can see inside book) and Christian
retail stores. Of course, you can purchase directly from or
send a check or money order to NCI, PO Box 44, Frierson, LA 71027. Also available as an